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Who are we ?

« This is what always happens in life : one imagines oneself playing a role in a piece. What one does not suspect, however, is that someone else has discretely changed the set to such an extent that one finds oneself undoubtedly playing in an entirely different spectacle. » Milan Kundera.


L’ADC is the Association des Chefs Décorateurs de Cinéma. It is open to all professionals in the field of cinematic production. The Association defines itself as a meeting place, a forum for reflection and a medium for exchanging information.

The association is called upon to represent our convictions and our goals regarding the evolution of a profession that we all love.
This association will assure both the place and quality of our artistic expression in the heart of the French cinematic industry.


Presidente Michel Barthelemy
Vice president Bertrand Seitz
Laurent Tesseyre
Anne Seibel
General secretary Riton Dupire-Clément
Secretary Chloé Cambournac
Valérie Valéro

Treasurer Christophe Thiollier
Adjunct treasurer : Alain Veissier

Webmaster Denis Hager
Assistant webmaster Guillaume Deviercy

Representative to Interassociation : Patrick Colpaert

Union Communication Laurent Tesseyre (SNCPCT)
Valérie Saradjian (SPIAC)
William Abello (SPIAC)

Professional directory
Stan Reydellet
Emma Cuillery
Festivities committee Laure Lepelley Monbillard
François Gila Girard
Valérie Saradjian
Stéphane Cressend

Écoprod : William Abello
Chloé Cambournac
Benoit Cisilkiewick

Ciné-Club Committee Fred & Fred Lapierre
François Gila Girard
Chloé Cambournac
Riton Dupire-Clément
Patrick Colpaert



In accordance with the law of July 1, 1901, this association is founded among the adherents to the statutes presented below. The association is of an unlimited duration and has for its title : In accordance with the law of July 1, 1901, this association is founded among the adherents to the statutes presented below. The association is of an unlimited duration and has for its title :



The Association aims :
a) to promote the activities of production designers.

b) to defend and improve the technical, artistic and deontological conditions in which members exercise their competence.

c) to participate in all demonstrations, meetings and commissions relating to cinematic set decoration according to the association’s terms and conditions.

d) to develop existing relations and establish new ones among members ; to facilitate the organization of conferences, meetings and debates.

e) to publish a periodical membership bulletin, as well as other texts relating to the Association’s goals and to undertake all actions that will favor the promotion of its members.


The Association’s official address at SFP 2 avenue de l’Europe 94360 Bry sur Marne. However, the address may be transferred elsewhere upon the decree of the Administration.


The Association is composed of :

- Founding members
- Active members
- Associated members
- Donating members
- Honorary members


To become part of the Association, one must possess a CNC card testifying to the member’s status as a licensed set decorator, and be sponsored by two founding members. Each member is responsible for respecting the present statutes and for adhering to the rules and practices of the Administration, as defined upon a member’s entry into the Association.


Founding members : are the set decorators at the origin of this association. They are by right active members.

Active members : have engaged themselves to contributea right of inscription, as well as yearly membership dues. Both the amounts of these fees, as well as the modes of dispersement are determined by the General Assembly annually.

Associated members : are individuals, other associations and/or societies that are closely associated with the head decorators and have a vested interest in the goals of our association. Associated members do not have the right to vote at the general assemblies and may not be part of the Council. However, associated members may be called upon to advise the Council.

Donating members : Les personnes physiques ou morales dont l’exercice ou l’activité concourt au travail du chef décorateur et qui, par leurs dons ou apport, aident à l’accomplissement des buts de l’association. Les membres bienfaiteurs, en tant que tels, n’ont pas droit de vote aux assemblées et ne sont pas éligibles. Les membres bienfaiteurs doivent être soumis à l’acceptation de l’association qui statue sur leur cas en conseil d’administration.

Honorary members : are members who have rendered significant services to the Association, who are of recognized notoriety within the cinematic industry, agree to support and defend the cinematic decorator’s profession and/or are of distinguished technical mastery. They are subject to pay the membership dues described above.


The status of a member may be lost or lessened upon :

a) the member’s resignation.

b) death.

c) the Council’s recommendation that a member’s status be changed or revoked as a response to non-payment of membership dues and/or for having been found to have motivations or interests that are determined to be in disaccord with the practices and aims of the Administration. In such instances the member in question will be invited by letter to present him/herself before the Council and to present his/her explanations.


a) membership dues (as determined by the General Assembly).

b) subsidies received from the State, from departments, communities, public establishments and other associations or groups.

c) profits made from the Association’s selling of services.

d) profits made from the selling of brochures or from publications that are edited by the Association.

e) the donations and gifts of donating members.

f) any other resource that is authorized by the legislative and regulating texts or decrees.


The Association is directed by an administrative council that is comprised of 15 members and one honorary president that is to be chosen by the council.
The Administrative Council will be elected by the Administration’s members through secret ballot. The office will be comprised of :

- 1 President
- 3 Vice-presidents
- 1 General Secretary
- 2 Secretaries
- 1 Treasurer
- 2 Adjunct treasurers

10 re-eligible members

The Administrative Council is subject to re-election every two years. In case of the absence of one (or more) of the Council’s members, the Administrative Council will appoint one (or more) of its members as a provisional replacement for the absent member (or members). The replacement(s) will be selected from the among the Association’s active members. The replacement(s) will hold their provisional positions until the next General Assembly, at which point one (or more) permanent replacements will be appointed.

Members of the Administrative Council may be re-elected.


The Administrative Council will meet at least once every six months, upon the request of the President, as well as upon the joint request of four or more of its active members. Decisions will be made according to the majority’s expressed votes, with the required presence of at least five of the Council’s members, none of whom are permitted to hold more than two of the official posts within the Council. In the event that no such majority regarding a decision is arrived at, the President’s vote or that of his/her representative will be decisive.

Any member of the Administrative Council who, without having averted the Council beforehand, has failed to participate in two consecutive meetings, may be considered resigned. Only active members may attend the Administrative Council.


The General Assembly is comprised of all of the Association’s members, regardless of the title that any individual member may hold. The General Assembly is called once a year at the beginning of each year. Members will be called to the convocation of the General Assembly by letter at least fifteen days prior to the fixed date. Within the letter the program of the convocation will be indicated. In the event that a member is unable to participate in the convocation, he/she may send a representative in his/her stead. The Association must be informed of such substitute representation beforehand.
Assisted by the members of the Adminstrative Council, the President will preside over the General Assembly and the situation and status of the Association and its members.
The Treasurer will provide a summation of the Association’s expenses and, at the end of the year, will submit his/her account books to the review of the General Assembly. The Treasurer will also present a proposed budget for the upcoming year. Every two years, the Treasurer will be subject re-election by the Council’s members.
A General Assembly is elective when more than half of its registered members are either present or represented.
Decisions are determined according to the simple majority’s expressed votes. This majority will be reached by the votes of at least half of all members plus the vote of one additional member. Each present member may not simultaneously hold more than two elected posts within the Association.
The President of the Association is responsible for tracking both the number of members and the status of individual members.


The Administrative Council is responsible for organizing the life of the Association, the Office being charged with the Council’s decisions. The Assembly is called to renew the Administrative Council and to decide the general orientation of the Association.


An extraordinary General Assembly may be called upon the President’s recommendation or upon the request of the majority of the Administrative Council or upon the request of more than half of its Active members. The quorum must represent half of its registered members if a decision is to stand for the simple majority.


The Interior Organizational Committee will be established by the Administrative Council and will be subject to the approval of the General Assembly’s majority. Its purpose is to resolve issues and points that are not addressed by these statutes, most notably those that regard the internal administration of the Association.


In the event that the dissolution of the Association is pronounced by two-thirds of an Extraordinary General Assembly, on or more liquidators will be named by the Administrative Council and, if necessary, the remaining resourceswill be distributed in accordance with article 9 of the law of July 1, 1901 and with the decree of August 16, 1901.


An Active Member may choose to have his/her name followed by the monogram ADC each time that said member’s name appears in film credits, posters and/or any and all publications regarding their professional activities in cinematic productions.


Association des décoratrices et décorateurs de cinéma

Siège : ADC ℅ CST 22/24, avenue de Saint-Ouen 75018 PARIS

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