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William Abello

The vanishing

22 octobre 1993
  • Réalisateur: George Sluizer
  • Production : Anne Lordon
  • Chef Opérateur : Tony Kuhn


Notes de William Abello, chef décorateur

Based on Time Krabbe’s The Golden Egg, The Vanishing is a deeply disturbing psychological thriller about a young man’s search for his girlfriend after she disappears at a rest stop during a short trip. Over the course of three years, the man obsessively searches for her, using his spare time to put up posters and leave handbills, hoping that someone will give him a clue to the mystery surrounding her disappearance. The kidnapper, having watched the man for some time, is intrigued by his increasing obsession and finally contacts him. He then gives the man the opportunity to learn firsthand of his girlfriend’s fate.

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